Contact me for your fresh cut!

How long has it been since you last got your hair cut? Far too long!

You don't need an appointment! You can visit me anytime the shop is open. If you're a 
little old school and really need an appointment, that can be arranged too. As a professional I know haw to create an atmosphere of excellence and most importantly making sure your cut is of the highest quality.


  • Men's regular haircut
  • Edge up, Line up
  • Fades, Taper, Even all around
  • Fauxhawk, Frohawk, Afros, High top fades
  • Haircut with clippers
  • Haircut with razor shave
  • Line up with beard trim
  • Clipper shave
  • Beard trim, Shave 
  • Combover with side part
  • Scissor cuts